Report on 2014 SEE
Nov - Archita Pharmacy and Clinic Opens SEE
Oct - UNESCO World Forum Meeting with Ms. Irina Bokova, Director General UNESCO)
Sept - Secretary of State for Culture Visit to Archita SEE
Sept - Auschwitz Survivor Visits Archita SEE
Aug - Archita Music Festival w. Basle Symphony & Vienna State Opera SEE
Aug - Central European Film Festival Participants Visit Archita SEE
Je - Francesco Bandarin Retired from UNESCO SEE
Je - Archita Clinic Funding from Tirgu Mures Council SEE
May - HRH The Prince of Wales Honored by President Basescu SEE
May - Trustee re-launches Traditional Boy Scout Movement SEE
Apr - ITKI-UNESCO Founder Pietro Laureano article SEE
Jan - Release of "Knowledge Keepers" by Kogainon Films SEE


Report on 2013 SEE
Dec - Tirgu Mures Council (Romania) Clinic MOU SEE
Dec - U.N. Economic and Social Council SEE
Nov - ITKI-UNESCO Landscape Conference, Matera, Italy SEE
Sept - Book Publication by Father Vasile SEE
Sept - Tirgu Mures Palace of Culture Centenary Event SEE
Sept - UNESCO Greetings for Tirgu Mures SEE

August - Saxons Return Visit to Archita SEE
July - Archita Clinic Plans SEE
June - Assilah Forum Foundation gathering , Morocco SEE
June - Release of "American Oasis" SEE

May - Fikl Paintings On Exhibit for HRH Visit SEE
May - Visit to Archita by HRH The Prince of Wales SEE
May - Repairs Started on Archita Clinic SEE
Mar - Update on von Sternberg Restoration, Archita SEE
Jan-Feb - Making of Desert Oasis Project, Tucson Arizona SEE
Jan 1 - Brief Resume of 2012 SEE


Report on 2012 SEE
Dec - Desert Oasis Initiative Visit in Tucson, Arizona SEE
Oct - Meeting with Minister of Culture in Bucharest SEE
Oct - US Ambassador visits Archita, Transylvania SEE
Sept - UNESCO Event in Florence (Italy) SEE
Sept - DECODING DACIA documentary shown on Sept 20 at UNESCO event in Florence (Italy) Trailer (2mn)
Aug - Romanian traditional skills series in National Geographic Magazine SEE
July - Florence Meeting for UNESCO event SEE
May - Archita/Arkeden Celebration in Germany SEE
Apr - Iconography Exhibition Recife, Brazil SEE
Jan 22 - 'Structural Consult Romania' Visit SEE
Jan 29 - Tucson, Arizona, Water Project - TKI/Laureano
Article (Italian) and News Release (Eng)


Sept - Reconstruction of roof on Misericordia Church SEE
Aug - Restoration starts of the fortified church in Archita SEE
July - Romanian Partnership Agreement SEE
Traditional Knowledge World Bank Partnership SEE
July Mtg / Libyan Cultural Heritage in Italy SEE
Archita - May 16 / Visit by HRH The Prince of Wales SEE
Archita - March Panorama SEE - February View SEE
Olinda Grant from Brazilian National Bank SEE


Archita - Christmas Events SEE and Schoolchildren Project SEE
Archita Restoration Festival (Transylvania)
Mures River Basin Traditional Methods Project
International Traditional Knowledge Institute Formally Established SEE
'One Cow per Family' Project Launched in Archita, Romania SEE
Cardinal Archbishop, Odebrecht, Nobrega Meeting SEE
Cathedral in Salvador Bahia Work-in-Progress / Update SEE
Traditional Knowledge Workshop, Bran, Romania SEE
Meeting with Minister of Culture - Brazil SEE
Foundation Receives UN DESA Accreditation SEE
Exhibition: Imaginaria e sua Iconigrafia in Joao Pessoa , Brazil, Aug-Sept SEE
Agreement in Transylvania SEE
New Trustees Appointed SEE
Romania/Italy Collaboration SEE