Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Misericordia

Originally constructed in 1630 as a hospital, and subsequently burnt down by the Dutch colonists in 1631. Following the expulsion of the Dutch in 1654, reconstruction commenced in 1655 and lasted a number of years. This church was used for hearings during the Inquisition period in Brazil, which resulted in a number of non-believers being extradited to Portugal for trial and sentencing, often resulting in being burned alive at the stake. The Foundation commissioned a Master Plan for the reconstruction of the roof, suffering badly from termite attack and the restoration of the church, which has been badly damaged by water ingress.

Mar. 2009 / The Foundation Plan received the approval of IPHAN in March 2009, and work started in 2009.

Feb. 2011 / The Foundation received a grant from the Brazilian National Bank (BNDES) of 960,000.00 Brazilian Real for the restoration of the roof of the Convent of Misericordia in Olinda. This award of this grant is significant step forward for the Foundation in Brazil.

As shown in photos (new above; old below) roof reconstruction is completed with thanks to financial support from the Brazilian national Bank (BNDES).