Convento de Sao Francisco

The Convento de Sao Francisco is one of the largest monasteries in Olinda and houses one the finest collections of historical manuscripts and books in Brazil. Constructed in 1585, it is the oldest Franciscan Convent in Brazil. Because it was partially destroyed by the Dutch, it was rebuilt in the second half of the 17th century. The Convent is now urgently in need of restoration and is on the World Monument Fund Watch List of endangered historic monuments.The Master Plan for the restoration is now complete and was funded by The World Monuments Fund through The American Express Foundation.

The Master Plan has received the approval of IPHAN (This Brazilian Government Institute is responsible for ensuring that restoration works adhere to international standards) for implementation on a phased basis. The first of the works, which concerned re-roofing and the installation of a new electrical system have been completed, together with exterior redecoration.

A detailed plan funded by the Foundation for the restoration of ceiling paintings has been approved by IPHAN and will be implemented in 2010. The next Phase is to address the problem of major deterioration of wall tiles dating from the 17th century.

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