Le Gualchiere di Remole Fulling Mill
Bagno a Ripoli (Florence, Italy)

Dating to Medieval times, the Gualchiere Fulling Mill tapped the Arno River for power used to treat wool cloth. Founded in the mid-1300s, the site was chosen to avoid more polluted waters downriver in Florence. In time a larger complex evolved including river barriers, a series of water-gates directing water to the millpond and to a little harbor. The medieval character of the buildings is still preserved to this day in the support structure and two-crenelated towers.

With authorization from Tuscany, Florence, and Bagno a Ripoli authorities, The Maria Nobrega Foundation, IPOGEA and Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco have taken on the task of restoring the complex and introducing economic activity to the site.

It is intended that the Mill should become the centre for the UNESCO International Traditional Knowledge Institute. SEE

Coat of Arms: Tuscany, Florence, Bagno a Ripoli

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Accord in 2009 by authorities to grant Nobrega and IPOGEA restoration responsibilities