International Traditional Knowledge Institute – US: Brief Resume 2015
Prepared by Giuseppe Biagini

ITKI-UNESCO, Conference in Tucson, Arizona, November 3-6, 2016

ITKI US has been active in supporting the development of the first demo of the project, and in planning a community-based model to discuss and analyze local Traditional Knowledge.
Meetings has been organized with several organizations in Europe, like the Institutul de Etnografie si Folclor in Bucharest, Romania (TK on Agriculture, Water Management, Architecture); SAPISE Coop in Vercelli, Italy (TK on Agriculture, Water Management); ALMA and SSICA in Parma, Italy (TK on Food Preparation and Conservation).

ITKI US has supported the candidacy of Tucson as a UNESCO Creative City, under the section Gastronomy. On December 10th, 2015 Tucson has obtained the recognition, First USA City with the Gastronomy Nomination.
ITKI Conference: obtained basic funding and support from the County of Pima, City of Tucson and University of Arizona to organize the III ITKI-UNESCO Conference in Tucson, Sustainable Models for Arid Lands: Lessons from Dialogues between Scientific and Traditional Knowledge.

Mission San Xavier made the World Monuments Fund list of the most endangered cultural and architectural site in the world. We have started a dialogue with the Patronato of San Xavier to investigate a possible submission to UNESCO WH, with the support of ITKI US.

Sister City with Parma: immediately after Tucson’s nomination to UNESCO City of Creativity, under the section Gastronomy (CoG), we have participated in Italy to the Parma’s Celebration for the same nomination to CoG. Parma and Tucson are the first Cities of their respective countries to obtain such a nomination. Both Cities have shown interest in developing a Sister City relation, with the support of ITKI US.
Art Exhibits: work is in progress to define an around the world art exhibit, with Maestro Marco Nereo Rotelli, related to native poetry and symbolic interpretation of Water. The opening night of the Tucson Conference will start the project. We anticipate a joint performance of Maestro Rotelli, Poet Ofelia Zepeta (Tohono O’Hodam) and Flute player Carlos Nakai (Navajo/Ute)
Established a relation with TECH GAP INTERNATIONAL, USA, a company specialized in tracking and tracing software, and COLDIRETTI, Italy, the largest farmer organization in Italy, to test the functionality and the benefits of TRusT™ a story telling platform that creates a link between farmers and artisans, that describes the Traditional practices adopted to create the product. ITKI US has obtained from TECH GAP INTERNATIONAL free copies of TRusT™ to be given to the Small Farmers of the World.


ITKI Conference: III ITKI-UNESCO Conference in Tucson, Sustainable Models for Arid Lands: Lessons from Dialogues between Scientific and Traditional Knowledge. Complete the funding process.
Activate the Community-based model to increase the amount of information available in the We have contacts with Native Peoples from Arizona, the City of Vercelli, the City of Pienza, and rural areas in Transylvania to start the community-based model and analyze local Traditional Knowledge.
Nominate a list of worldwide experts on TK areas.
Increase awareness of ITKI and TKWB with events and seminars.

Major of Parma, Italy, Federico Pizzarotti
President Camera di Commercio di Parma – Andrea Zanlari
Founder – Center for Traditional Research – Institutul de Etnografie si Folclor Professor Ion Ghinoiu
President SAPISE, Vercelli, Italy, Ottavio Mezza