Restoration of von Sternburg House / Archita - Arkeden
Transylvania, Romania

With thanks for
Donated 'VonSternburg House' sign by Costas S
akellarios, CEO Pisani Group (UK)
Donated small ceramic cows for children to paint by Edward Duke, Chairman Wade Ceramics (UK)


House restoration
Park restoration
Back Wall restoration
Detailing restoration
Pediment of detailing

Photos of 'lost' stairs

Proposed restoration work

Description of Program

The Asociatia Maria Nobrega (AMN) initiated restoration of the Von Sternburg House (Evangelical Church) on May 25th, 2010. The work is being carried out by Bi-Turn Construction srl (Sf. Gheorghe).
Phase I work includes full exterior restoration including removal of prior thermopane windows, roof tile insignias, stripping of wall plaster and old and recent concrete surfaces, as well as removal of a communist-era film projection booth.
Remnants of window frames on ground floor level provided size guidelines for new wood-frame installation.
By agreement with Mayor Tosa, the small facing park is being improved by AMN with fencing, walkways, and grading.

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Photos by D. Dimancescu and B. Mehedin

Restoration of the Archita, Transylvania, "Von Sternburg House" and facing park by the Asociatia Maria Nobrega was started in May. The first phase was completed on August 5 in time for a celebratory festival organized by Mayor Tosa of the Vinatori Comune. The Chairman and several Nobrega Board Members attended.
Concrete floors were removed as well as all interior wall coverings revealing elegant brick vaulted spaces on the ground level.
Rt: Michael Carrington and Dan Dimancescu on site
TOP - Removal of floor and wall coverings.

MID - Two days later, same vaulted room with original window opened

BTM - Concrete removed from main floor.

Restoration Festivities - August 7-8, 2010 / Archita Images and aerials