Traditional Knowledge Initiative

In January 2010, a new project was initiated with the short-term goal of establishing links between traditional knowledge legacies in Romania with the Traditional Knowledge World Bank in Italy.
SEE To implement this activity, a new Center for Traditional Research was formally established with support from Nobrega Trustee, Katherine Dimancescu.

The center Director is Professor Ion Ghinoiu of the Institute for Ethnography and Folklore (Bucharest). He is the coordinator of the 5-Volume Ethnographic Atlas of Romania. A monumental 50-year long project.

With a goal of identifying traditional methods specific to the viability of self-supporting communities, the initial focus will be on Archita/Arkeden
SEE as a cultural and geographic reference point.

In time, it may be possible for Archita/Arkeden to become both a venue and an activity center for the Nobrega Foundation's projects and activities connected to research on Romanian Traditional Knowledge.

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For details on the ATLAS (Vol 1-5) SEE
Working session in Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Transylvania, with Prof. Ion Ghinoiu (lft), Anton Apan, Mrs. Katherine Dimancescu (Nobrega Fndtn), Prof. Sorin Apan, ethnographic expert, (rt), and Alex Carlsson (foreground).
Presentation by Prof. Ion Ghinoiu of the ATLAS to
Dr. William Fitzhugh (rt) at the Smithsonian Institute (Washington, DC). Lft: Dr. Alina Ciobanel, colleague of Dr. Ghinoiu, and Mrs. Katherine Dimancescu - Nobrega Foundation.
Dinner in honor of Prof. Ghinoiu hosted by the Dimancescu's at the Cosmos Club (Washington, D.C.). Among the guests:
Ambassador Sorin Ducaru (Romania)
Wilbur E. Garrett, ex-Editor National Geographic Magazine
Dr. William Fitzhugh, Smithsonian Institute
Mrs. Jeanne Woodhull, Dayton, Ohio
Dr. Eliot Sorel, Washington, D.C.